20 May 2016 · Hybrid

4 Reasons Why It's Time to Switch to Hybrid

High-tech hybrids have evolved rapidly and we’re seeing an ever-increasing amount of customers purchasing Hybrids here at Parramatta Toyota. Models such as the Prius c and the Camry Hybrid are proving to be consistently popular from both a price and performance point of view.

Though the benefits of hybrid seem more than proven by this stage, many drivers are still on the fence about whether to finally make the switch. In this article we’ll step through four great reasons why there’s never been a better time to finally make the change.


1. You Can Take Advantage of Top-notch Fuel Economy and Performance

Hybrid technology has now advanced to the point where you’re no longer taking a major performance hit by choosing it. Though engines are typically smaller and you might be making a small sacrifice in terms of top speeds and acceleration, for practical day-to-day driving purposes you’re simply not going to feel it.

You’ll also benefit from significantly better fuel consumption, particularly in the classic stop/start environment of urban driving – expect to see significant savings over the course of the year when you make the switch.


2. You’re Doing Your Bit for the Environment

By minimising petrol use, hybrid vehicles slash the amount of emissions you’re responsible for during the course of the average day, and output up to 50% less carbon dioxide than conventional models. Considering that road traffic is estimated to be responsible for roughly 13% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, you’re making a real positive contribution by choosing to go hybrid.

Models such as the Prius score 9/10 for greenhouse gas emissions in the Green Vehicle Guide, and by choosing a Toyota from Terry Shields you can be confident you’re buying from an environmentally responsible source.


3. Hybrid Models Are Affordably Priced and Hold Their Value

Hybrid models were admittedly traditionally more expensive than conventional models, but that gap has narrowed enormously over the last number of years. Models such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid are by no means at the bottom of the pricing charts, but they compare very favourably to similar conventional models on price and performance.

With our extensive experience handling used vehicles sales, we’re also in a position to confirm that hybrid vehicles hold up well when it comes to resale values. By choosing a hybrid model, you can be confident of securing a good trade-in or resale value down the line.


4. There’s No Sacrifice in Reliability or Comfort

Hybrid models were previously slated as expensively tricky to repair, but the reality is that they’re rock-solid in terms of reliability these days, and impressively durable to boot. Toyota hybrid batteries and other hybrid parts come with a standard eight year warranty and the underlying technology puts substantially less strain on the engine and brakes in day-to-day use.

You’ve only got to look at the number of Prius models in use in taxi fleets across Australia to see that hybrid vehicles are impressively hard-wearing and built to last – they’re low-maintenance, super-quiet, and handle beautifully both in the city and on the road.


Take a Hybrid for a Spin Today!

At Parramatta Toyota, we’ve got a full range of both new and used Toyota hybrid models ready to be test-driven, and are happy to talk you through the relative advantages of both in person.

From the spacious luxury of a Camry Hybrid to the full set of family friendly options available throughout the Prius range, we’ve got something for every budget and set of requirements. Pop into our showrooms and discover the advantages of switching to hybrid for yourself!