12 June 2018 · Hybrid

Dispelling Misconceptions About Toyota Hybrid

Dispelling Three Misconceptions About Toyota Hybrid

As is the case with many consumer items, there are rumours and misconceptions which involve the Toyota Hybrid. The following offers facts and reality to counter three particular mistruths about the Hybrid.

You need to plug in the car to charge it

The Toyota Hybrids have two engines, one being petrol and the other being electric. The Hybrids recharge their batteries without being plugged in. The drive system does this by recycling kinetic energy to charge the battery. There is one plug-in Hybrid model if one is desirous of an extended electric driving, saving fuel, and zero-emissions—but that is just one model of many to select from.

Hybrids are complex and boring to drive

In fact, both of those statements are untrue. Toyota has designed the Hybrid to be as simple to operate as conventional cars. The purpose of the car is to make life and driving easier. The two engines work together to produce a smooth ride and provide power when you need it. As an example, for uphill driving, both engines are operating to yield optimum performance. Should you need to overtake another car, just push the Power button and you will see the quick response. When you are idling, both engines turn off automatically so that no energy is unnecessarily wasted.

Another feature on the Hybrid you will appreciate is when you select the electric EV-mode, you will be surprised by the silence and tranquillity of the engine. It then becomes truly a smooth ride! Along with this, the emissions produced by the Hybrid are very low, starting as small as 70 grams per kilometre. If you are driving in the electric EV-mode, you can drive up to 104 kilometers per hour without producing any emissions at all.

Hybrids are expensive to buy and service

Hybrids being high priced and expensive to operate is another common misconception. Let’s look at some of the Hybrid models you can choose from at Parramatta Toyota. The most economical model to purchase is the Prius c which offers excellent efficiency of only 3.9L/100km. There is also a Prius c i-Tech which adds 15-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, premium seats and trim, and privacy glass. The Prius c is rated 3.4L/100km for combined fuel economy.

The Prius i-Tech adds more features. The Prius v resembles a passenger sedan with smooth lines. It has 4.4 litres per 100 kilometres fuel economy. There is also a Prius v i-Tech with added features. There is also a Corolla Hybrid which features sedan-like space.

As for Toyota Hybrids being expensive to operate, that is simply not the case. While conventional cars are more expensive to drive in the city, that is not true with Hybrids. Since the petrol and electric engines work in harmony and recycle energy, you can obtain mileage as low as three litres of petrol consumed per 100 kilometers. The mileage consumption can be further reduced when you drive in Eco Mode. To reduce this figure to zero for speeds even up to 50 kilometers per hour, select electric EV-mode and go lightly on the accelerator pedal.

As you can see, Toyota Hybrids are not expensive to purchase nor to operate. As for servicing, Parramatta Toyota is currently offering 6 standard services for Corolla Hybrid and all Prius varients at $140 for the first 3 years or 60,000 km whichever occurs first and for Toyota Camry 3 standard services at $195 for the first 3 years or 15,000 km whichever occurs first

If you are considering purchasing a Toyota Hybrid or have any questions about them, do not hesitate to contact the experienced and professional team at Parramatta Toyota.