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How does the Toyota Hybrid Work?


The first hybrid Toyota was launched in Australia in 2001, the Toyota Prius was the spearhead of a radical paradigm shift in the way we power our vehicles. The Prius, as with all hybrid vehicles, has an electric motor and an internal combustion engine (ICE) working in concert to power a vehicle.

The development of the hybrid powertrain was driven by industry-wide acknowledgment of a need to reduce vehicle carbon emissions. Furthermore, the technology was just as much about embracing the future of mass-market motoring technologies.

In 20 years, the hybrid vehicle has become ubiquitous on Australian roads. Toyota customers will find a significant range of Toyota models available with the hybrid powertrain.

It’s still very common, however, for motorists to ask how hybrid vehicles work. Let’s take a closer look at how hybrids work and some other common hybrid questions.

How Does A Toyota Hybrid Work?

How Does A Toyota Hybrid Work?

Hybrid vehicles address two critical motoring concerns. Firstly, they significantly reduce fuel consumption, making motoring far more economical. Given escalating fuel prices, this is incentive enough for many to go hybrid. Secondly, with reduced fuel consumption comes reduced carbon emissions. This critical benefit is an equally compelling incentive for Australian motorists determined to reduce their carbon footprint.

A hybrid vehicle is fitted with an internal combustion engine and a battery-powered electric motor. While the combustion engine does the lion's share of the work, both motors operate in concert, with the electric motor taking on a very active supporting role.

When more power is needed, such as hill climbs or overtaking, the two motors will operate together providing the boost. When the vehicle is idling, say at lights, or travelling slowly in heavy traffic, the electric motor will operate, conserving significant amounts of fuel.

Hybrid vehicle batteries are self-charging. They don’t require a plug-in. This is achieved via a process called regenerative braking. When the vehicle slows the energy created is channeled directly into the batteries. Essentially, the batteries charge while you drive, eliminating the need for external charging sources. In this regard, hybrids are quite different from all-electric vehicles that require external charging.

As you might imagine hybrid vehicles employ sophisticated technologies. Toyota's latest hybrid technology is explained here and will help answer some of your questions

How Long do Batteries last in a Hybrid Vehicle?

The battery life of a hybrid will vary depending on environmental factors and usage. Is the vehicle used frequently like taxi? Do you live in a very hot environment with lots of very steep hills? These types of things impact battery life, as they do any other component of a traditional vehicle.

Toyota Hybrid batteries have a surprisingly long working life. For many people, they will have traded to a new model well before battery replacement is even on the radar.

Any Hybrid purchased before 1 January 2019 is covered under warranty for 8 years or 160,000km – whichever comes first. For hybrid vehicles purchased after 1 January 2019, your batteries are warranted for 10 years with unlimited kilometers*. The warranty is dependent on the owner completing annual log book servicing and inspections.

Is Servicing a Hybrid More Expensive?

Is Servicing a Hybrid More Expensive?

With Toyota Service Advantage your service costs are the same as with a traditional vehicle and capped so you know how much you’ll be paying for each service. A hybrid vehicle has extra mechanical and electrical systems as compared to a conventionally powered vehicle. Once your Toyota Service Advantage period expires, servicing costs will vary, of course, depending on the model you have. A Camry will be different from a RAV4 which will be different again from a Corolla.

But is there a Toyota Hybrid that stands out above its peers? Is there a definitive best Toyota Hybrid in performance and economy?

What is the Best Toyota Hybrid?

The best Toyota Hybrid is the Toyota Hybrid you have your heart set on. Selecting a car is very personal as we all make different demands on a vehicle. While the Corolla and RAV4 are very different cars, with different power and capacities, they’re run with the same Toyota hybrid technology – it’s consistent across the Toyota Hybrid range. The only question is which Toyota Hybrid is the right vehicle for you?

The Toyota Hybrid Range

The Toyota Hybrid Range

The Toyota Hybrid that began it all, the Prius, remains as popular as ever for all motorists seeking style, economy, and a tiny carbon footprint. Great for one or a family of five, the Prius is the perfect answer to high fuel costs.

For fun and recreation, there are 5 models of RAV 4 Hybrid from which to choose, with electronic AWD providing access to all areas pass. Whether you’re cruising the city or touring the tracks, the RAV4’s famous versatility makes every drive an adventure.

The spacious and powerful Camry Hybrid is the perfect sedan for the family or travelling professional. Select the Accent, Accent Sport, SX, or SL for the ultimate in tech and luxury inclusions. With the SL delivering as little as 4.5L/100km the family sedan has never been more affordable.

Agile and responsive the uniquely styled C-HR offers an engaging drive with a low-end torque you can feel. With expressive body lines straight out of the future, the 1.8 litre Hybrid engine delivers an astonishing fuel economy of 4.3 L/100km. Add some roof racks for your bikes or skies, and it’s the perfect escape vehicle for sporting couples.

The Toyota Hybrid Range - 3

The legendary Corolla continues its astonishing journey in hybrid winning Australia’s Best Small Car Under $35,000. Corolla fans can get into the famous hatch now or register their interest for the all-new Corolla Cross Hybrid due in our showrooms in late 2022.

For the ultimate in stylish urban convenience, the Yaris Hybrid is packed with space and Toyota’s leading intelligent safety technology. You get a thrilling nimble drive with fuel consumption as low as 3.3L/100km. Take compact driving next level with the muscular Yaris Cross Hybrid. Seating five passengers in total comfort, this is an SUV designed to explore the roads less travelled.

The Toyota Kluger Hybrid is the pinnacle of hybrid SUV luxury. 7 seats gets your growing family and all of their gear to work, School, Saturday sports, and adventurous road trips of a lifetime. With the latest Toyota Safety Sense technology and a thrilling drive experience, the Kluger Hybrid is the perfect blend of economy, space, and SUV comfort.

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