3 August 2021 · New Vehicles

Why is the HiLux Toyota’s Top Selling Vehicle in Australia?

HiLux SR5

The Toyota HiLux has been the best-selling ute in Australia for 12 of the last 15 years. When it wasn’t on top, it ran a nearly indiscernible second place. As a result of strong HiLux 4x2 sales in 2020, Hilux became the best-selling vehicle in Australia outright 5 years in a row. 

Looking back at the evolution of the Toyota Hilux, the unbreakable Hilux is associated with the sturdiness required to tackle the Aussie outback, the equipment and space needed for commercial use by tradies, and the comfort and durability that made long tough rides less gruelling. 

Australians have come to depend on, and trust Toyota for reliability and consistency. The HiLux, with its obvious versatility and ruggedness, benefits from a pedigree built on pragmatism. Australians appreciate the practical, and they also appreciate a history of hard work, that went above and beyond conventional ideas of toughness. 

You may not realise it, but the HiLux has been conquering Aussie roads for over 50 years.

The HiLux History in Brief

First and Third Generation HiLux

In 2021, it is the 8th generation of the Toyota HiLux you will find available at your Toyota Dealership, and today’s HiLux Rugged X Double-Cab Pick-Up seems lightyears from the 1st generation RN10 Hilux, imported from Japan by the Thiess brothers in 1968.

Second Generation HiLux

The body-on-chassis is virtually all that remains of the RN10 design. The 1.5 litre 2WD delivered only 57kW of power. From such humble beginnings, it’s hard to imagine there’d be 4WD models a few decades later delivering 225kW.

At the time, Australians were cautious of anything imported that wasn’t from Britain or the US. Nonetheless, the Hilux had developed enough of a following that the 2nd Generation model became a hit when it arrived in 1972.

The ‘highway’ model, as it had become known, arrived on Aussie shores with better safety and the option of a three-speed automatic gearbox. While an improvement on its predecessor, the HiLux still remained underpowered and slow – A determined workhorse more than an outback terrain tamer. 

In 1978, we saw the release of the 3rd generation Hilux. Toyota was beginning to establish a foothold in the commercial market, triggering a new range of Hilux variants including the first 4WD option. The cabins were beginning to closer resemble sedans than traditional SUVs, and in 1981, the first dual-cab was released.

Fifth Generation HiLux

Between 1983 and 1997, two new generations were introduced. With the 4th generation, there were now 4 engine options, two petrol, and two diesel. With the dual and single cab options, as well as the multiple vehicle lengths available, there were now a total of 20 variants. By generation 5 in 1988, Hilux focused attention on refining its key principals to three basic concepts of power, sturdiness, and comfort.

In 1997, we were beginning to see the Hilux we know now. There was now a defined commercial option and personal option in the 6th generation, both with 2WD and 4WD, and dual cab-and single cab variants. Functionality and interior features continued to see upgrades.

6th Generation HiLux

With the release of generation 7, the styling was being refined into something more masculine, muscular, and rugged. While meeting the most gruelling needs in the outback, the Toyota Hilux also became popular in the recreational vehicle market.

The current 8th generation hit the market in 2015, associated by improved off-road capability, comfort, and safety. It is now equipped with a 2.8-liter diesel engine option that produces 175 hp and 450 Nm of torque.

It’s 2021 and with 30 variants available there’s now a Toyota HiLux to suit everybody. The core principals of power, sturdiness, and comfort remain in its DNA, as does the ‘go anywhere’- an unbreakable heart that has made it an Australian best seller.

Where is the HiLux Made?

The HiLux models available today are manufactured in Thailand, ever since Toyota relocated Hilux production from Japan in 2004. The earlier generation Hilux models were manufactured and designed by Toyota subsidiary, Hino Motors, at its plant in Hamura, Tokyo.

The HiLux is now manufactured in 6 countries, with Thailand producing the most vehicles at 310,000 units per year. Argentina is the next largest producer, followed by South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Venezuela.

Australia was the first country outside of Japan to import the Hilux RN10. From this point in 1968, Australians have purchased over three quarters of a million Hilux utes.

Versatility. The Key to Hilux Success

HiLux Rugged X

The Toyota Hilux is popular across tradies, mining companies, NGOs, the Public Sector, Corporate Telecommunications, and other critical utility companies. It is a favourite in rural industries where the Hilux performance outshines competitors, and is much loved by four-wheel drivers, fishermen, explorers, and anybody else who needs to get a heavy load across harsh terrain.

How Much Does a HiLux Cost?

Toyota HiLux

Start your HiLux adventure with a top of the range HiLux Rugged X Double-Cab Pick-Up, starting at $75,962 drive away. It’s the ultimate in comfort and unbreakable 4WD exploration.

The HiLux 4x4 SR Double-Cab Cab-Chassis is ideal for a combination of work and play. Complete with a custom Toyota tray, your set for construction during the week, and surfside adventures come Saturday, from $59,368 drive away.

HiLux 4x2 WorkMate Hi-Rider Single-Cab Cab-Chassis is the classic Hilux workhorse. It’s ideal for the tradie and makes good business sense. Drive away with Toyota Access finance for as little as $116 per week, depending on your estimated annual kilometres and loan term. This Toyota Access video demonstrates just how simple it can be to drive away with a brand new Hilux.

The HiLux 4x2 SR5 Hi-Rider Double-Cab Pick-up is the top of the Range 2WD and is now available at Terry Shields for $58,967 drive away. Perfect for the adventurous family, delivering spacious back seat comfort for the kids, and a huge tray in the back for supplying all of your weekend projects. Make sure you ask the team at Terry Shields Tioyota about tray cover options.

Follow this link to view the full HiLux range. Explore prices, finance options, and the full colour range. Why not contact our sales team on 1300 584 179 for a virtual demonstration of the HiLux or to discuss the HiLux features that will suit you and your family.