10 May 2022 · Service

Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories

Toyota Accessories

It is always best to equip your Toyota with genuine parts and accessories, fitted and supplied by authorised Toyota Dealerships. While the surprisingly lower prices of non-genuine parts might be attractive, such are the risks of fitting non-genuine, that ultimately can become a false economy and safety concern.

The virtues of fitting genuine versus non-genuine is a long-running industry debate. However, there is no argument for the service team at Parramatta Toyota. Vehicle integrity, safety, endurance, and predictability should never be compromised. The only way we can achieve uncompromising standards is to use the certified parts and accessories designed specifically for your Toyota.

Let’s take a deeper look into why fitting genuine is a wise choice. Firstly, let’s examine the difference between genuine and non-genuine vehicle parts.

What’s the Difference Between Genuine and Non-Genuine?

Toyota Parts

Genuine Parts are designed by the manufacturer simultaneously with the vehicle. Therefore, specifications and tolerances of all parts are in every way perfect for your Toyota. Importantly, every part was constructed by Toyota and meets high-quality Toyota standards and systems before the vehicle hits the market. And this is the same for Toyota Genuine Accessories. 

Toyota Genuine Accessories, such as Toyota towbars, floor mats, bull bars, and roof racks, are manufactured by Toyota and are designed specifically for each model. The vehicle was and is designed and manufactured accessory ready. Therefore, the fit is always perfect, with tolerances and capacities of any accessory explicitly tailored for seamless integration to the intended vehicle. 

Non-Genuine Parts are not designed or constructed by vehicle manufacturers. They’re designed and constructed independently and often after the vehicle has been released to the market. The only similarity between genuine and non-genuine parts is they serve the same function. 

Non-genuine accessories are also often generic. They are designed to be adapted to any number of vehicle types. Fitting non-genuine accessories will frequently involve modification to either the accessory or your vehicle to achieve good fit and function. Both non-genuine parts and accessories may impact the validity of your vehicle warranty.

Toyota Genuine

With Toyota Genuine Parts, Accessories, and Genuine Servicing, you receive warranties upon which you can depend. When non-genuine parts are fitted, not only might parts warranties be unreliable, but it may also compromise your Manufacturer vehicle warranty.

Integrating non-genuine parts into your vehicle may have an adverse impact on vehicle performance and failure of a sub-standard part can cause failures in other vehicle systems.

Buying Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories

While peace of mind, safety, and vehicle integrity are the premium benefits of going genuine, there’s also the fun of fitting out your vehicle with a fantastic range of genuine parts and accessories that allow you to personalise your car to suit your lifestyle.

The Toyota Genuine Range

Whatever Toyota you drive, there’s a list of fantastic genuine Toyota accessories to personalise your car to suit your lifestyle. There’s also an extensive range of genuine parts that are built to last, ensuring your Toyota will perform as the manufacturer intended. Here are some examples.

Corolla hatch owners can add a touch of style with the sporty rear window spoiler. You can prepare for adventure fitting your Corolla with the lifestyle pack which includes a roof rack, plus bicycle carrier, tow bar, trailer wiring harness and rear parking sensors. Make sure you check out the ever-popular protection pack for added safety.

Toyota HiLux

Toyota Hilux owners have a massive range of genuine accessories suitable for the tradie or the family of adventurers and off-road enthusiasts. Premium Steel bull bars deliver the ultimate protection for long country drives. Make river creek crossings safely and keep your engine internals clean and cool with a snorkel. The winch and the recovery points are essential additions for those intent to push their Hilux to the limits.

For tradies working hard with their 70 series Cruiser, no tray is stronger or more versatile than a genuine Toyota tray, tough enough to get all of your gear to the job and built to last. Choose from steel, aluminium, painted to match the color of your Cruiser or contrasting for a unique look. Be sure to check out the light bar kit and LED work lamps that will keep you working when the sun goes down.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner families should get the car holiday ready with the tough but light alloy roof tray so you can take all of your toys with you. Add a sturdy set of side steps for easy access to your new rooftop tray. Towing your van will be safe and effortless when you install the load distribution hitch to your tow bar – focus on the road ahead, not the hitch behind.

For all the handy folk who like to do an in-between regular service oil change and spark plug refit at home, talk to the spare parts team at Parramatta Toyota. We can advise on and supply certified Toyota genuine spare parts and oil for safety and peace of mind. Fit the oil filter and spark plugs that were designed specifically for your Toyota.

Even the simpler parts such as air and fuel filters, while readily available non-genuine, are always best sourced Genuine from Toyota. Brake parts, including perishables like brake pads, should only ever be replaced with genuine Toyota brake pads. Never risk your Toyota’s stopping power to non-genuine brake parts. Sub-standard brakes parts put lives at risk.

Be it a water pump, rear main seal, or entire front door assembly, if it needs replacing, replace it with genuine Toyota parts. If there’s a Genuine Toyota part you need fitted, talk to the team at Parramatta Toyota Service. Our expert technicians know everything there is to know about keeping your Toyota in great shape, and we only ever use genuine Toyota parts.

Parramatta Toyota of Paramatta has an outstanding team of technicians, vehicle service professionals, and parts and accessories experts. We’re always ready to assist you with your parts, service and accessories inquiries. Keep your Toyota performing as intended and insist on genuine Toyota spare parts and accessories. Contact us on 1300 572 510 to speak to our Toyota parts and accessories team today.