8 September 2022 · Service

Toyota Genuine Service


The best way to care for your Toyota is to always insist on Toyota genuine service. Genuine parts fitted by Toyota-trained specialists is the gold standard for keeping your Toyota in peak condition throughout the life of the vehicle.

There’s a common misconception that genuine servicing is more expensive. This is rarely the case, and never the case with a new Toyota covered by Toyota Service Advantage - Capped Price Servicing. Toyota Service Advantage is designed to make scheduled servicing affordable, predictable, and dependable.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Toyota genuine service. When we consider the bigger picture of genuine servicing over the life of your vehicle, you’ll discover that genuine is the safest most economical path to trouble-free motoring.

The Rigors of the Road

Such is the smooth ride of modern Toyotas that we are rarely mindful of the hard work our vehicles must endure. Just like normal driving, our cars contend with tremendous forces, extreme pressures, jarring, and impacts. Toyota vehicles are famous worldwide for soaking up the rigors of the road while maintaining integrity. This is why millions of motorists trust Toyota.

While astonishing endurance is designed in every Toyota, it’s the servicing regime that ensures reliability and ongoing peak performance. Preventative maintenance, or faithful scheduled servicing, lies at the heart of reliability. And there’s nobody better placed to understand the needs of your Toyota than a Toyota-certified technician.

Toyota Technicians

Toyota Technicians

A Toyota technician has a wealth of experience with all types of vehicles. However, they specialise in Toyotas. It’s their awareness of the unique Toyota sounds and vehicle feedback that make them best placed to assess your vehicle’s mechanical condition. They’ve serviced your model countless times, and have an intimate understanding of the subtle hints our Toyotas present, warning of a need for attention.

Toyota was designed with a thorough service regime and servicing logbook. Toyota technicians conduct a strict servicing routine based on instructions devised at the time of your vehicle’s design. Importantly, however, they instinctively service your vehicle with reference to the last service, while looking forward to the next. Importantly, Toyota technicians will only ever use Toyota Genuine parts.


Toyota Genuine Parts

Toyota Genuine Parts

Toyota genuine parts are manufactured to the exacting tolerances devised by the vehicle designers well before the vehicle hit the production line. With mechanical parts, fractions of a millimetre matter, as does the quality of construction materials, and the construction process. Every genuine part must pass a strict Toyota quality assessment.

With Toyota genuine parts and accessories, you know the part going into your car was designed to be there.

Knowing that only genuine parts have been fitted to your Toyota delivers the same peace of mind as knowing what’s planned for every scheduled service.

Toyota Service Advantage

Toyota Service Advantage

Toyota Service Advantage is available for new and eligible pre-owned Toyotas. For new vehicles, you receive fixed service costs for either 3 years/60,000km or 3 years/75,000km (dependant on model) whichever comes first. This is invaluable for planning vehicle finances and running costs, making ongoing vehicle management significantly easier.

Servicing costs are model specific. Typically, a large commercial vehicle such as a Landcruiser Workmate will have a slightly higher servicing cost than a Toyota Corolla Hatch.

Toyota Service Advantage is future-proofing your vehicle with the full knowledge of how much it will cost years into the future.

You can always see what any particular scheduled service entails by looking at your log book. Depending on the number of kilometres travelled, there will be slight variations in service. Not all components require checking, adjusting, or replacing every ten thousand kilometres or 6 months. It’s important to note that service intervals and requirements will vary between vehicle models. It’s also critical that you never miss a scheduled service, even though your Toyota might be running perfectly.

Standard services typically include engine oil and filter change, fluid changes and top-ups as required, tyre rotation, brake inspection, safety inspection, a battery test, and road test. A multi-point inspection is also undertaken to ensure critical components are working to spec.

At certain pre-determined intervals, the technicians will go deeper, implementing a major service. The multi-point inspection on a major service is more comprehensive than a regular service. Major services also include things like replacing spark plugs, repacking wheel bearings, exhaust system checks, tightening suspension bolts and components to spec, and changing transmission fluid.

For those with hybrid vehicles, a Hybrid Health Check is undertaken with special equipment to assess the function of batteries and electrical components. If deemed necessary a Toyota Safety Sense calibration will also be undertaken.

Parramatta Toyota Express Maintenance is a brilliant option for those who would prefer to wait while their car has its full logbook service. While you wait, you’re invited to take advantage of Parramatta Toyota’s Guest Lounge facilities.

Here you can catch up on some correspondence or work using our complimentary Wi-Fi. You can relax with refreshments, and read the newspapers or a magazine in peace and comfort. On vehicle handover, our technicians will give you a rundown of the service and you’re on your way without delay.

Services are important for picking up existing or developing problems. Should maintenance or repairs be required outside of those scheduled, you will be advised and provided with procedures, likely costs, and warranty coverage.

Remember, those with Toyota Service Advantage will always know exactly how much a scheduled service will cost.

Call the service team at Parramatta Toyota on 1300 578 289, or you can conveniently book online. If you’re about to head off on a road trip, we advise you to book a vehicle inspection before you go. Consistent genuine Toyota servicing is the key to a healthy reliable Toyota.