3 August 2021 · Service

What is myToyota?

What is myToyota

Through myToyota, you can book a service, manage your servicing schedule, view service history, and access owner manuals. 

Toyota owners also benefit from an extensive and exciting list of rewards, offers, discounts, and prizes including, food and beverage, travel and accommodation, and fuel discounts such as 4 cents off per litre, at participating Ampol fuel service stations. 

When it comes to vehicles, we all know the importance of regular servicing, maintenance and keeping the owners’ manual at hand. The myToyota app ensures all these tasks are effortless, making it easier to care for your Toyota.  

Let’s use characters Jenny and Rob, to help us illustrate how the myToyota app can help you maintain your daily drive while having access to great rewards.

As keen four-wheel drivers, Jenny & Rob know they need to make sure their Toyota HiLux stays in top shape, so that can keep doing what they love - heading off-road. 

Having just moved from a small country town to the hustle and bustle of Parramatta, they had yet to find a place to have their HiLux regularly serviced. Time to consult myToyota. 


Finding a Great Toyota Service Centre

Jenny and Rob pulled up in a shopping mall car park, primed for a day’s shopping. Jenny noticed the service due light had come on the dash. 

Without fuss, she grabbed the phone and checked the myToyota app for her local Toyota service centre - Parramatta Toyota. Within moments, she had organised a service with the Parramatta Toyota service team via the myToyota app. 

Service History at your Fingertips

Arriving at Parramatta Toyota for their servicing, Rob could show his technician the service history of the HiLux, contained in the app, allowing our trusted technician to know which type of service is required.


Discovering New Destinations and Rewards with myToyota

While waiting for the return of their HiLux, Rob suggested they go on a four-wheel driving getaway on the weekend.  Jenny immediately consulted myToyota. She could find great accommodation, for which they could get a discount via myToyota Reward partners.

The myToyota app is aligned with an array of partners which include Ampol, Expedia, youfoodz, Kayo, and more!

How you can get the myToyota App

The myToyota app is available via App store or Google Play

Once downloaded, you will need to provide your name and preferred email address.

To register with Toyota, you will require your vehicle’s VIN number, which is located on a label either on the driver’s or passenger’s side door jam. You will also require your vehicle batch number which you will find on the retail delivery card in your service and warranty booklet, or by contacting your dealer. 

myToyota at Parramatta Toyota

If you wish to know more about myToyota, the team at Parramatta Toyota is happy to take you through the benefits of the app. Why not give them a call on (02) 9204 6444, between Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

Alternatively, visit the Terry Shields website, or check out the frequently asked questions for a comprehensive myToyota run down. 

With myToyota, everything you need to know about your Toyota is in the palm of your hand.

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