Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

At Parramatta Toyota we are committed to ensuring our company maintains an effective system of corporate governance which is an integral part of the company’s culture and business practice excellence. Our corporate governance system includes but is not limited to our Risk Management, Compliance, Sustainability, Customer Experience, People, and Social Responsibility approach which is monitored and reported by our Risk and Audit Committee. This collective approach forms Quality Assurance at Parramatta Toyota.

Code of Conduct

All Employee’s are bound by our Code of Conduct which sets out the behaviour and practices when conducting business with and from Parramatta Toyota.


Our culture, the behaviour and practices of our people, reflects how we serve you. It is important to us that we are culturally consistent in our interactions with you and the decisions and actions that we decide.

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Governance and Compliance

Parramatta Toyota takes its responsibilities of corporate governance seriously to ensure its compliance with all the relevant laws, regulations and codes, to ensure sustainable business practices, and to improve the experience and outcomes for our customer's. We regularly conduct internal, and external independent audits to assess and continuously improve our performance.

Our corporate governance framework is based on ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, and is monitored and reviewed regularly in view of changes to the legislative and regulatory landscape, our stakeholders’ expectations, and the evolving environment of the Motor, and Business Industries.

Risk Management

Our Company is committed to demonstrating prudent risk management through effective risk management policies, processes and practices that support a high standard of corporate governance. 

Our Legal and Compliance function has designed and oversees our Risk Management Framework to allow the company to manage business risks within a Board-approved risk level.

Our Risk Management Policy, and Risk and Audit Committee versees sites, systems, structures, policies, processes, equipment, and people to identify, measure, evaluate, monitor, report and control or mitigate both internal and external sources of material risk.

Company risk is regularly reviewed in light of legislative and regulatory landscape, our stakeholders’ expectations, and the evolving environment of the motor, and business Industries.

Socially Responsible

We believe in being part of our local community by giving back and helping others to enjoy life.

We are working on initiatives to safeguard our environment through proactively reducing our environmental footprint, supporting our local community in their environmental approach, sponsoring and participating in local community family and sporting events, and funding and helping people in need.  

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In partnership with Toyota Australia, our company is focussed on ensuring our company prospers into its future, that we are conscious in delivering sustainable effort for the company, our people, our environment,  our local community, and through our products and services.

We deliver on this through making smart, ethical, safe, and respectful decisions. To us this is being Socially Responsible.